Maps SDK for Unity Attribution

In addition to the policies outlined here, you must give attribution for the map data used by your game when running on devices with a display size 7" or larger. By default, this is automatically shown in the bottom-left corner of the screen and no additional work is required of you.

Attribution given in the bottom-left corner.


The location and color of the attribution text can be modified through a AttributionStyle component attached to any GameObject in your scene.

Manual attribution

By default, the attribution text is rendered to the screen using Unity's Text component. If your game does not support this, you are required to render the attribution text yourself. You can retrieve the string from Attributions.All.Text, and register for updates to this text by adding a listener to Attributions.All.Changed.


The attribution text should always be clear, legible, and appear in the right color variation for a given background. If in doubt, use the default implementation as a reference.