Package google.geo.type



A latitude-longitude viewport, represented as two diagonally opposite low and high points. A viewport is considered a closed region, i.e. it includes its boundary. The latitude bounds must range between -90 to 90 degrees inclusive, and the longitude bounds must range between -180 to 180 degrees inclusive. Various cases include:

  • If low = high, the viewport consists of that single point.

  • If low.longitude > high.longitude, the longitude range is inverted (the viewport crosses the 180 degree longitude line).

  • If low.longitude = -180 degrees and high.longitude = 180 degrees, the viewport includes all longitudes.

  • If low.longitude = 180 degrees and high.longitude = -180 degrees, the longitude range is empty.

  • If low.latitude > high.latitude, the latitude range is empty.

Both low and high must be populated, and the represented box cannot be empty (as specified by the definitions above). An empty viewport will result in an error.

For example, this viewport fully encloses New York City:

{ "low": { "latitude": 40.477398, "longitude": -74.259087 }, "high": { "latitude": 40.91618, "longitude": -73.70018 } }



Required. The low point of the viewport.



Required. The high point of the viewport.