Prepare for Google Play's data disclosure requirements

In May 2021, Google Play announced the new Data safety section, which is a developer-provided disclosure for an app's data collection, sharing, and security practices.

This page can help you complete the requirements for this data disclosure in regards to your usage of the Consumer SDK for Android. On this page, you can find information on how the Consumer SDK for Android handles end-user data, including any applicable configurations or invocations you can control as the app developer.

We aim to be as transparent as possible in supporting you; however, as the app developer, you are solely responsible for deciding how to respond to Google Play's Data safety section form regarding your app's end-user data collection, sharing, and security practices.

How to use the information on this page

This page lists the end-user data collected by only the latest version of the Consumer SDK for Android.

To complete your data disclosure, you can use Android's guide about data types to help you determine which data type best describes the collected data. In your data disclosure, make sure to also account for how your specific app shares and uses the collected data.

Data collected automatically

Data By default, the Consumer SDK for Android...
Request metadata
For example:
  • Device metadata: OS version, name, model, brand, form factor.
  • Places SDK for Android build and version information.
  • Number of results returned.
Collects request metadata to maintain and improve Google services.
Stack traces
Crash metrics
Collects stack traces during crashes within the SDK code and crash metrics such as abnormal terminations to improve the stability of our SDKs and improve Google services.
IP address Collects the IP address to understand SDK usage and improve Google services.

Other considerations

The Consumer SDK for Android provides access to the underlying GoogleMap. If the app uses the underlying GoogleMap, refer to the Google Play data disclosure page for the Maps SDK for Android to learn more about data collection from the Maps SDK for Android.