Signing In to the Google Cloud Console


Your Google Maps Platform Premium Plan includes access to APIs that you manage in the Cloud Console. To get started, you must be able to sign in to the Cloud Console using a Google Account.

We don't recommend using a personal Gmail account with the Google Maps Platform Premium Plan. Instead, use your company email address, as explained below.

Checking if you have an account

If you have previously used your company email address to sign in to other Google services, such as G Suite or Google Analytics, you probably already have a Google Account. Try signing in to the Cloud Console.

If you don’t remember your Google password, just enter your email address on the password-assistance page by selecting “I don’t know my password”.

Creating a Google Account

You can create a new Google Account using your company email address here:

Create a Google Account without Gmail

Important: After you create the account, we will send an email to the address you entered to verify that you own it and work at the company in question. Click the link in that email to verify that you own this address. We can’t provision your Premium Plan until the account is verified.

Google Account Verification Help