Product recognition

From reviews to cooking tips to health advice, it has never been easier to find information about everyday supermarket products online. With ML Kit's Product Recognition API, developers can identify physical supermarket packaged products on-device and in real time. This enables a unique shopping experience, allowing users to know more and make informed decisions about their supermarket purchases. This API works with high accuracy and low latency on most modern Android devices.


Key capabilities

  • Identifies the product based on packaging (no need to scan the barcode)
  • Recognizes everyday supermarket products
  • Works fully on-device, no data upload required
  • Supported in most major locales*

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*Currently supported in the following locales: US, CA, GB, AU, IN, ES, MX, CL, CO, AR, FR, BE, CH, DE, AT, IT, BR. If your locale is not supported, please fill out the form and indicate which locale you are in.