Create features based on proximity

Nearby Messages exposes simple publish and subscribe methods that rely on proximity. Your app publishes a payload that can be received by nearby subscribers. On top of this foundation, you can build a variety of user experiences to share messages, create real-time connections between nearby devices, and receive beacon messages.

Nearby Connections is a peer-to-peer networking API that allows apps to easily discover, connect to, and exchange data with nearby devices in real-time, regardless of network connectivity. Use Nearby Connections to create multiplayer experiences or share with friends offline.

Nearby Notifications is a new feature allowing developers to tie an app or website to a BLE beacon and create contextual notifications, even with no app installed.

Nearby Messages

Discover and exchange information with other devices, without having to be on the same local network. Nearby Messages enables seamless nearby interactions such as multiplayer gaming, realtime collaboration, forming a group, broadcasting a resource, or sharing content.

The Nearby Messages API is available for Android and iOS, and enables communication between the two platforms.

Nearby Connections

Discover other devices nearby and create high-bandwidth peer-to-peer connections for real-time cross-device experiences like gaming and file sharing.

Nearby Notifications

Nearby Notifications is an Android feature which enables contextual discovery. Associate your website or app with a beacon and devices nearby will display the message in the Nearby section of Google Settings, light up the Nearby Quick Settings tile on supported devices, and promote messages that perform well as notifications.