Pre-transaction messages

To send a pre-transaction message, you must provide Google Pay with the shared vendorPaymentTransactionId. Only merchants that have an existing billing relationship with Google Pay or one of our billing partners have access to this service.

For most pre-transaction messages, the following flow is used:

  • User places an order on your app or website and pays using Google Pay.
  • Merchant receives Google Pay and UPI confirmation of payment.
  • Merchant sends the message payload using the Communication API by providing the vendorPaymentTransactionId.
  • User receives a notification with the payload.

Example: Payment reminders

In this example, assume the user has already opened an account with mutual fund company and made payment for the SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) using Google Pay as payment method. Merchant can send a reminder message to the user about the SIP payment due date using the vendorPaymentTransactionId. This ID is provided by the Payment Service Provider (PSP) to merchant for a successful transaction by the user.

The user will receive a notification message in the Google Pay app with Top Up option to make payment using Google Pay. The payment reminder message shows the SIPs that user has purchased, the amount to be paid, and the due date.