Google Pay API for Passes for Android Reference

To integrate a Google Pay API for Passes button in your Android app as described in Get access to the Android SDK, refer to the documentation in Use the native Android SDK.

The Android API button will only work properly if your app is authorized. For more details, read Obtain credentials to authorize your app.

A list of the relevant methods for Google Pay API for Passes are below.

Object name Description
CreateWalletObjectsRequest Parcelable representing request to create wallet objects.
GiftCardWalletObject Parcelable representing a gift card object.
LoyaltyWalletObject Parcelable representing a loyalty card object.
OfferWalletObject Parcelable representing a offer object.
Wallet The main entry point for Google Wallet integration. You need to build a GoogleApiClient using the API and the appropriate Wallet.WalletOptions.
WalletConstants Collection of constant values used by the ClientLibrary.