This API has been deprecated and turned down. Migrate to Google Photos Library API as soon as possible to avoid disruptions to your application.

Picasa Web Albums Data API Deprecation

The Picasa Web Albums Data API will be turned off and all associated OAuth scopes will be disabled. Read the deprecation notice.

Key dates:

  • January 2019 Unless you have requested an extension, all calls to the Picasa Web Albums Data API will begin to fail from this date onwards.
  • March 2019 The Picasa Web Albums API will be turned off. All calls to this API will fail from this date onwards and you cannot request any further extensions.

Refer to the migration guide and start building with Google Photos APIs now.

What is the Picasa Web Albums Data API?

The Picasa Web Albums Data API allows for websites and programs to integrate with Picasa Web Albums, enabling users to retrieve photos and albums, as well as upload new photos.

Here are some of the things developers have done with the API:

  • Created applications to easily upload photos from devices, desktop applications, and other web services.
  • Created full-featured mobile clients for browsing and uploading to PWA.
  • Integrated PWA with blogging software to easily show PWA albums and photos.
  • Used PWA to power digital photo frames.

How do I start?

  1. View the Client Libraries and Sample Code currently available.
  2. Browse the Picasa Web Albums Data API Developer's Guide and the Reference Guide.
  3. Get community support. Join our community and participate in our discussion group.