PlaceSelectionListener A listener for place selection events. 


PlaceAutocomplete PlaceAutocomplete provides an activity that allows a user to start typing a place name or an address and see place predictions appear as they type. 
PlaceAutocomplete.IntentBuilder Builder for a Place Autocomplete launch intent. 
PlaceAutocompleteFragment This class is deprecated. - Use SupportPlaceAutocompleteFragment instead.  
PlacePicker This class is deprecated. The Place Picker is deprecated and is not included in the new Places SDK. In the Compat library it will continue to be exposed, acting as a proxy to launch the Google Play Services Place Picker. See the Place Picker documentation for details on when it will no longer be available.  
PlacePicker.IntentBuilder Builder for a Place Picker launch intent. 
SupportPlaceAutocompleteFragment A fragment that provides auto-completion for places.