December 2, 2020 update:
  • The Poly website ( and Poly API will be shut down on June 30, 2021. Uploading of new assets will be disabled two months earlier, on April 30, 2021.
  • Previously uploaded assets will remain available and can be downloaded from until June 30, 2021.

Unreal Quickstart

This guide explains how to setup the Poly Toolkit for Unreal and how to compile and run the sample app both in the Unreal Editor and on Android (optional). The sample app downloads an asset at runtime and displays it.

Set up your development environment

Get an API Key

Get an API key

  • If you aren't already signed in, you'll be asked to sign in with a Google account or create one.

  • In the dialog box, either select an existing API Console project or create a new project

  • Click Next to enable the Poly API and receive your API key. The API key is used to identify your app and enforce usage limits.

You can also create, view, and manage your projects, APIs, and API keys at the Google APIs Console.

Prepare the sample project

  1. Download and extract the Poly Toolkit for Unreal. The toolkit contains both the plugin for Unreal and the HelloPoly sample project.

  2. Import the toolkit plugin. Copy the PolyToolkit folder to the HelloPoly/Plugins folder.

  3. Open the sample project. In Unreal Engine, open the HelloPoly project.

  4. Enter the API key. In Unreal Engine, Open PolyActor and enter your API key where it says "INSERT YOUR API KEY HERE".

  • Save and compile.

Run the sample

Run the sample project by pressing the Play button in the Unreal editor.

After a small delay while the sample queries the Poly API, you should see a model of a piano in the center of the scene.

Run the sample on Android (optional)

  1. You must use a physical device; Unreal Engine does not support emulators. To prepare your device:

  2. Package the project for Android by selecting File > Package Project > Android > Android (your desired compression format) from the menu.

  3. Open the Builds folder and install the app on your connected device by running one of the install scripts:

    • Install_HelloPoly_Development-armv7-es2.bat (on Windows)
    • Install_HelloPoly_Development-armv7-es2.command (on macOS)
  4. On your device, look for an app called HelloPoly UE4 and launch it. After a small delay while the app queries the Poly API, you should see a model of a piano in the center of the scene.

Next Steps

To learn more about using the Poly Toolkit, see the Poly Toolkit Guide.