December 2, 2020 update:
  • The Poly website ( and Poly API will be shut down on June 30, 2021. Uploading of new assets will be disabled two months earlier, on April 30, 2021.
  • Previously uploaded assets will remain available and can be downloaded from until June 30, 2021.

Poly Toolkit for Unity - API Reference

These are reference pages for the Poly Toolkit API, which is a wrapper around the Poly API, for Unity apps.


PolyApi This is the main entry point for the Poly Toolkit Runtime API.
PolyAsset Represents a Poly asset (the information about a 3D object in Poly).
PolyBaseResult Base class for all result types.
PolyFile Represents a Poly file.
PolyFormat A specific representation of an asset, containing all the information needed to retrieve and describe this representation.
PolyFormatComplexity Information on the complexity of a format.
PolyFormatTypeFetchResult Represents the result of fetching files for an asset.
PolyImportResult Represents the result of importing an asset.
PolyListAssetsRequest Represents a set of Poly request parameters determining which assets should be returned.
PolyListAssetsResult Represents the result of a PolyListAssetsRequest or PolyListUserAssetsRequest.
PolyListLikedAssetsRequest Represents a set of Poly request parameters determining which liked assets should be returned.
PolyListUserAssetsRequest Represents a set of Poly request parameters determining which of the user's assets should be returned.
PolyRequest Base class that all request types derive from.
PolyStatusOr< T > A union of a PolyStatus and a type.
PolyToolkitManager Manages configuration and initialization of the Poly Toolkit.
PtAsset A Poly Toolkit asset (custom asset type).
PtAssetObject Added to an object to indicate that it's a prefab (or instance) of a Poly Toolkit asset.


PolyAuthConfig Holds authentication configuration information.
PolyCacheConfig Indicates how to configure the Poly Toolkit cache.
PolyImportOptions Options that indicate how to import a given asset.
PolyStatus Using PolyStatus vs.