Package google :: Package protobuf :: Module service_reflection :: Class GeneratedServiceStubType
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Type GeneratedServiceStubType

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GeneratedServiceType --+

Metaclass for service stubs created at runtime from ServiceDescriptors.

This class has similar responsibilities as GeneratedServiceType, except that it creates the service stub classes.

Instance Methods
the object's type
__init__(cls, name, bases, dictionary)
Creates a message service stub class.
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Method Details

__init__(cls, name, bases, dictionary)

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Creates a message service stub class.

  name: Name of the class (ignored, here).
  bases: Base classes of the class being constructed.
  dictionary: The class dictionary of the class being constructed.
    dictionary[_DESCRIPTOR_KEY] must contain a ServiceDescriptor object
    describing this protocol service type.

Returns: the object's type
Overrides: object.__init__