Installation and Setup


  • You must have Autodesk Maya© 2015 or later installed to build your story to run on a playback device. You do not need Maya installed to work on the story structure in the Spotlight Stories Tools.
  • Mac OSX© 10.10 (Yosemite) or Windows© 7.
  • 8GB RAM minimum; 16GB RAM or more recommended.

When you are ready to publish your Spotlight Story, we also have some recommended specifications for the devices used to view it: Publishing.


You can find the installation downloads for both Mac OSX and Windows on the Downloads tab.

Below you will find an easy set of steps to get you started.


To install the latest version of the Google Spotlight Stories SDK Tools, download and run the installer from the links above.

Important: Before running the Spotlight Stories Tools installer, please close any open session of Maya and Spotlight Stories.

The installer program presents you with these options:

Installation Folder

  1. Choose, or create, a folder to use for the Spotlight Stories Tools installation.
  2. The default Maya installation paths will be preloaded into the text boxes for each version. Replace these paths with your own if Maya is installed elsewhere.
  3. Click Continue when ready.

Once you choose your options, the installer program will set up the SDK application and also add plugins to your Maya application which are required to build your assets into Spotlight Stories.

Once installed, double-click on the StoryEditor icon to run the application. We recommend watching the videos on the Spotlight Stories Guides page to get you started.

Maya Setup

Before you get started with the Spotlight Stories SDK tools, there are some Maya considerations that we have covered in these videos that we recommend you watch:

Uninstalling the SDK

To uninstall the Google Spotlight Stories Tools, run the "maintenancetool" program from the SpotlightTools directory. Choose the Remove all components option. This removes the application files and associated system settings.

Other options for changing or updating components are currently not functional.