Clip Editor

The Clip Editor lists the animation clips that were created in Maya for each imported source file. It also lets you create new clips.

From the Story menu, choose Clip Editor to open the window.

The Clip Editor window

At the top is a pull-down menu listing all the source files imported into your story. For the source file you choose, the box below shows a list of the animation clips you have created. You can create the clips either in Maya itself, or in the Clip Editor as described below.

Click on a clip in the list to see its Clip Details to the right. The frame range numbers correspond to the frames in the original Maya scene. If you created the animation clip in the Clip Editor, you can rename it or enter a new frame range for it.

Creating a New Clip

It may be that, after importing your Maya scene, you realize you want to use a section of the animation that you did not already create a clip for. It's easy to create a new animation clip:

  1. From the Source pull-down menu, choose the Maya source file that includes the animation you want to use.
  2. Below the list of clips, click on the Add button. A new Clip is added to the list with a default Frame Range of 1 to 60.
  3. Type in a new name and frame range for your clip in the Clip Details section.

Once you create a clip in the Clip Editor, it is available to use in a state in the Graph Editor. It also appears in the Outliner, where you can click on it to see its properties and enable or disable any actors included.

Removing a Clip

For any source file, you can also remove a clip that you no longer want to use:

  1. From the Source pull-down menu, choose the Maya source file that includes the clip you want to remove.
  2. Click on the clip to select it from the list.
  3. Click on the Remove button.