The Preferences window provides you with some options you can control in the setup of the Story Editor.

To open the Preferences window:

  • In iOS, use the Story Editor > Preferences menu command.
  • In Windows, use the Tools > Preferences menu command.

Actions in the Timeline


  • Show Active State Playhead: Turn this option on to show you a vertical line moving through the currently playing state in the Graph Editor.
  • Automatically Check For Updates: If you enable this option, the Story Editor will check for version updates when it starts and, if found, present you with the option to install those updates.
  • Use Pre-Raw directory during builds: When checked, the Maya assets will be exported to a separate directory from the Raw files. This may be useful if you want to change or delete the Raw directory without re-exporting from Maya, or if you want to create multiple versions of a story.
  • Use Linked Build Directory (Windows only): When enabled, the bake process happens in a temporary directory with a symbolic link to avoid problems with long Windows path names. Turn this off to use the real path names, and therefore see them in the log for example. You can also build locally using the "Use Local Build Directory" option to avoid long path name problems.
  • Use Local Build Directory: By default, build files are saved in the same directory as the story file. Use this option to specify a different directory to save build files.
  • Bake Processes:

Enter the number of build processes you want to use when building your story to run in the Viewer or on a device. In general, the more build processes you have, the faster your story will build. This is limited by the amount of memory the processes are allocated to use.

  • Play story even if there are errors: Allow the story player to ignore errors and stil try to play the story. If this box is not checked, you will get a prompted to ignore the errors.
  • Use Story Viewer: Use the Story Viewer for playing your story, rather than the Preview window.
  • Story Viewer Location: The path and filename name for the Story Viewer application. This is set by default during installation and should not be changed unless you move the Story Viewer files.
  • Maya Location: The path and filename for your Maya application. This is set up during installation and should not be changed unless you move the Maya application files or change your Maya version.
  • Maya Processes: Enter the number of Maya processes that can be launched during the story build process. Generally the more processes you use, the faster your build process. But there are memory and storage limitations based on your system configuration.
  • Verbose Maya Output: By default, Maya system messages are suppressed. Check this option to allow those messages to be printed in the Log.