Release Notes Versions 0.9.5 and Earlier

Version 0.9.5

May 19, 2016

  • StoryViewer is now the default/primary tool to play stories within the Story Editor.
  • StoryViewer now bundled with Story Editor in a single installer.
  • Various StoryViewer additions and improvements including improved logs and a story graph panel.
  • Story Editor can now import FBX files directly. (Support still to come for more complex items such as post fx, fogs, etc.)
  • Engine supports multiple instances of single geometry within a scene.
  • Now uses in-memory geometry across scenes (rather than loading for each scene).
  • Optimizations to MXM data to reduce file sizes.
  • Refactoring of alembic format to improve streaming/compression/info stored, etc.
  • Added Event browser interface to Story Editor.
  • Added camera scalar controls for neckLength and boom for Cardboard/VR modes.
  • Display mode tunability for things such as cameras, post fx, and render graphs.
  • Additional controls with the Story Editor (such as global surround enabling, mipmapping, individual texture compression).
  • Can enable/disable actors within the ClipManager.
  • Support animated textures.
  • Improvements to Playblasts.
  • Several items were renamed for consistency or user-friendly reasons. For example, State Machines are now Story Graphs.

Version 0.9.4

February 9, 2016

  • Preferences in Story Editor allow playing stories through new StoryViewer desktop application.
  • New Build Story dialog allowing more precise control of the bake process.
  • Audio lifecycle analysis increases number of audio files a story can use.
  • Multiple render graphs now work in the same story.
  • Audio quantization issues addressed.
  • Fixes to Emitter falloff properties.
  • Can set maximum resolution per texture in Story Editor.
  • Audio and shader packages now work in flattened archives.
  • Create a movie using the spotlight player plugin in Maya.
  • Actors with the same name, but differing geometry are duplicated to present correct visuals.
  • Export alembic actors with a custom Maya plugin.

Version 0.9.3

December 10, 2015

  • Fixes for ambisonic sound, rolloff, and stereo audio on device.
  • Audio quantization support.
  • Stereo support in preview (v key) and on device with the "-vr" flag.
  • Cardboard VR settings available in Story Editor.
  • Pause and step controls in player (Down Arrow and Up Arrow).
  • Frame active states in state machine when connected to running story.
  • Timeline and state machine performance improvements.
  • Baking progress view in Story Editor.
  • Ability to choose a specific Maya file for model export.
  • Each story file gets a unique build directory (avoids bloated APKs and other build issues).
  • Ignore namespace for Moxie camera rigs.
  • Pause and step controls (Down Arrow and Up Arrow).
  • Checkpoint support and debugging option.
  • Fix for alembic and non-alembic actors playing out of sync.
  • Fix for polygon offset causing artifacts on device.
  • Engine support for projected textures.
  • Control of Alembic compression levels in Story Editor.
  • Improvements to build size by removing unneeded data.