Street View for Mobile

Photo Sphere Support for Android

For Android applications that wish to display photo spheres, also called panoramas, in an interactive spherical viewer, Google Play services provides support for this functionality. Please see the Android Developers website for more information.

Street View in the Maps APIs for Android and iOS

The Google Maps Android API and the Google Maps SDK for iOS provide a Street View service for obtaining and manipulating the imagery used in Google Street View. Images are returned as photo spheres.

Each Street View photo sphere is an image, or set of images, that provides a full 360-degree view from a single location. Images conform to the equirectangular (Plate Carrée) projection, which contains 360 degrees of horizontal view (a full wrap-around) and 180 degrees of vertical view (from straight up to straight down). The resulting 360-degree panoramic image defines a projection on a sphere with the image wrapped to the two-dimensional surface of that sphere.