Each entry in a Permissions collection represents the access a user has to the account and the account's containers. For information about the account-level and container-level permissions that a user can have, see Users and Permissions in the Google Tag Manager Help Center.

For a list of methods for this resource, see the end of this page.

Resource representations

Represents a user's permissions to an account and its container.

  "accountId": string,
  "permissionId": string,
  "emailAddress": string,
  "accountAccess": {
    "permission": [
  "containerAccess": [
      "containerId": string,
      "permission": [
Property name Value Description Notes
accountAccess nested object GTM Account access permissions. writable
accountAccess.permission[] list List of Account permissions. Valid account permissions are read and manage. writable
accountId string GTM Account ID.
containerAccess[] list GTM Container access permissions. writable
containerAccess[].containerId string GTM Container ID. writable
containerAccess[].permission[] list List of Container permissions. Valid container permissions are: read, edit, delete, publish. writable
emailAddress string User's email address. writable
permissionId string Account Permission ID.


Use the methods listed below to grant or revoke user access to the account and/or any of its containers.

Creates a user's account & container permissions.
Removes a user from the account, revoking access to it and all of its containers.
Gets a user's account & container permissions.
List all users that have access to the account along with account and container permissions granted to each of them.
Updates a user's account & container permissions.