GvrLayout.ExternalSurfaceListener Listener for external Surface events. 


AndroidCompat Utility class for using VR-related features that may not be available with all Android versions. 
BufferSpec Specification of a pixel buffer. 
BufferSpec.ColorFormat Available color formats. 
BufferSpec.DepthStencilFormat Available depth & stencil formats. 
BufferViewport Encapsulated information about where to find the data in the client's target for a given region (e.g., the region for a particular eye). 
BufferViewport.EyeType The type of eye corresponding to the BufferViewport
BufferViewport.Reprojection Types of asynchronous reprojection. 
BufferViewportList An array of BufferViewport objects. 
DaydreamApi Entry point for Daydream-specific API calls. 
Event Container for various GVR-events to which the client can optionally respond. 
Event.EventType Constants that represent the type of an Event. 
Event.RecenterType Constants that represent the type of recentering. 
Frame Single frame acquired from the swap chain. 
GvrApi Java bindings for the native GVR API. 
GvrApi.Error Constants that represent GVR error codes. 
GvrApi.Feature Constants that represent non-universal GVR features. 
GvrApi.ViewerType Constants that represent possible GVR viewer types. 
GvrLayout A View that wraps and supports a concrete VR presentation view (usually a SurfaceView). 
GvrUiLayout A UI layout for stereo rendering. 
Properties Contains information about current properties. 
Properties.PropertyType Constants that represent the type of a Property. 
Properties.SafetyRegionType Safety region types for SAFETY_REGION
Properties.TrackingStatusFlag Flags for TRACKING_STATUS
SwapChain Swap chain that contains some number of frames. 
UserPrefs Contains information about user preferences. 
UserPrefs.ControllerHandedness The hand the user prefers to hold the controller in. 
Value A generic container for various pure value types. 
Version Simple wrapper class for the semantic (major/minor/patch) version of the SDK. 


UserPrefs.RuntimeFeature These are features that may be available on some devices but can be enabled or disabled by the user.