Code for the foundation of the Google VR API.


GvrView.Renderer Interface for renderers who need to handle all the stereo rendering details by themselves. 
GvrView.StereoRenderer Interface for renderers that delegate all stereoscopic rendering details to the view. 


AndroidCompat Utility class for using VR-related features that may not be available with all Android versions. 
Constants Static class containing useful constants. 
Distortion Defines all required parameters to correct the distortion caused by the lenses. 
Eye Describes the stereoscopic rendering details of an eye. 
Eye.Type Defines the constants identifying the current eye type. 
FieldOfView Encapsulates a field of view composed of 4 half angles (left, right, bottom, top) as would be passed to glFrustum. 
GvrActivity Base activity that provides easy integration with GVR headsets. 
GvrView A View that supports VR rendering. 
GvrViewerParams Defines the physical parameters of a Google VR viewer. 
HeadMountedDisplay Encapsulates the parameters describing a head mounted stereoscopic display composed of a screen and a GVR-compatible viewer holding it. 
HeadTransform Describes the head transform independently of any eye parameters. 
ScreenParams Defines the physical parameters of a screen to be used with a GVR-compatible viewer. 
Viewport Defines a viewport rectangle. 


GvrViewerParams.VerticalAlignmentType Enum indicating the strategy for aligning the phone display vertically with respect to center of the lenses.