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Events are run by Googlers, local Google Developer Groups or other developer meetups. Each event is a little different, but generally, an event can include a tech talk, series of code labs, and time for personal coding. Find one in your area or start your own!

If you're not able to find a nearby event don't worry! All the materials are available so you can organize your own event or work through the content at home. See the featured events section for more details.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web App Roadshows are a series of in-person events run around the world to help you learn the skills you need to start creating Progressive Web Apps. Progressive Web Apps take advantage of new technologies to bring the best of mobile sites and native applications to users.

Polymer Polytechnics

Polytechnics are a series of in-person, community-run events to help developers learn Polymer. Built atop Web Components, Polymer let's developers extend HTML! Come enjoy talks and hacking sessions to get familiar with this new technology.