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Interested to learn Polymer but not sure where to start? Polymer Polytechnics are community run events designed to give developers a hands-on experience building Polymer apps.

Check the map to see if there's a Polytechnic happening near you. Can't find one? Don't worry! We have all the material you need to run your own event or learn in your own time.

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We provide all the tools you need to run your own event, from slide decks to code labs. Organize a watch party or meet-up in your area, or just work through the material at your own pace!


Event Guide — Understand how to plan your event.
Hackathon Tips — Do's and Don'ts of running a successful hackathon.

Tech Talk

Speaker Deck — Start with the basics!
Training Video (coming soon) — Learn from the team.


Code Labs — Get Hacking!

Graphic Assets

Polymer Logo — Look official!
Polytechnic Sticker — Decorate your laptops.
Polytechnic Shirt — Dress for success.

Polymer Experts

Q&A Hangout (coming soon) — Get answers to common questions.


Polymer Slack — Discuss in realtime.
Polymer G+ — Coordinate with other organizers
Mailing List — Get answers in your inbox.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Polymer Polytechnic?

Polymer Polytechnic is an event series of in-person, community-run events to help developers learn Polymer. These events are run by local Google Developer Groups or other developer meetups all over the world. Each event is a little different, but generally, Polymer Polytechnic can include a tech talk, series of code labs, and time for personal hacking.

Why is your team organizing this?

The Polymer team wants to help developers all over the world try this future facing technology. They also want to hear developer feedback as they continue to develop the product.

What hashtag do I use to talk about my Polymer Polytechnic on social media?

Great questions! Please use #itshackademic and be sure to follow and mention @polymer.

I'd like to organize a Polytechnic. Do we have to do events in the fall?

Nope! You can run a Polymer Polytechnic event any time!

I'd like to organize my own Polytechnic event, are there specific things we should be talking about?

Polymer is very targeted at building mobile web apps, and client side apps in general. The design goal should be to compose your apps out of well encapsulated elements, like building blocks. Polymer is also a wonderful tool for creating mashups and componentizing APIs and services.

I'm excited to start learning Polymer now and don't want to wait on a Polytechnic. What should I do?

Check out the content that’s already available on and You can also find other Polymer devs on the polymer-dev mailing list and community run G+ group. The team also regularly answers questions on our Slack channel and StackOverflow.

I'd like to organize my own Polytechnic event. How do I get swag?

We've made all swag designs available so you can print them yourself. If you are a GDG in need of support to get swag printed you should contact your regional lead.

Are the Polytechnic events official Google events?

Polytechnic events listed on this site are not official Google events. The Polytechnic events are produced by local developer communities, Google Developer Groups, meetups, or other organizations.

Should a Polytechnic have a Code of Conduct?

Yes! It's important to make everyone feel safe and welcome at your event. We have provided a sample Code of Conduct which you may use and adapt for your own event.

Are the Polytechnic events vetted by Google?

The Polytechnic events listed on this site are not vetted by Google.