Progressive Web App Training for Agencies

Google is committed to building a better mobile web experience through Progressive Web Apps (PWA). As part of that goal, we are inviting web development agencies to apply to join an intensive two-day PWA training course in the UK, India, and Indonesia.

Why build a Progressive Web App?

Progressive Web Apps are mobile user experiences that have the reach of the web and that are reliable, engaging, and fast. With more than half the views on the Internet done through mobile, delivering a great experience there is critical. In particular, PWAs make a significant impact on both customer acquisition and retention.

See case studies and the overview slides and video at Why Build Progressive Web Apps for more details.

About the training

The Progressive Web Apps Training for Agencies class is about 50% hands-on codelabs and compresses a three-day course into two days. It covers the Developing Progressive Web Applications syllabus and is only suitable for advanced web developers.

The training courses are run throughout the year in the UK, India, and Indonesia. We're focusing on agencies in these countries initially as we build our network of trainers and learn from the experience of running the course.

Register your interest

We prioritize agencies that apply based on the perceived impact of the clients they work with, agency size, and whether the agency has already had team members trained. For now we are capping the training at two attendees per company.

If you are accepted, we will contact you with course dates and details. We try to accommodate as many as we can, though we cannot guarantee everyone a place.