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WebVR Status and Considerations

WebVR Implementation Status

Today the WebVR API is available in:

  • Chrome Beta (M56+), via an Origin Trial.
  • Firefox Nightly.
  • Samsung Internet for Android and for Gear VR.

More information on browser implementation status can be found on


Here are things to remember when building WebVR experiences today.

  • You must serve your WebVR content over HTTPS. If you don’t your users will get warnings from the browser.
  • Chrome only supports native WebVR on Android today. You must be using a Daydream headset with a Pixel phone.
  • The WebVR Polyfill may not always be a 1:1 match with native implementations of the spec. If you plan to use the Polyfill, be sure to check on both VR-capable and non-VR devices.
  • Users must click a VR controller button before it's available to your code. You must account for this in your code, typically by showing the user a message requesting they press a controller button at the start of their VR experience.
  • You must enable Gamepad pose information in Chrome 56 when running locally. The gamepad information will not contain pose (or location) information when running on localhost unless you enable the Gamepad Extensions runtime flag in Chrome 56. If you are running an Origin Trial the Gamepad Extensions are enabled with the WebVR API.