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Articles by Paul Kinlan

Paul is a Developer Advocate

position:sticky is back in Chrome

After a long time absent from Chrome, position:sticky is back.

Get Ready for the Chrome Dev Summit 2016

Chrome Dev Summit 2016 is coming Thursday, Nov 10th and 11th. This year's summit will focus on key themes that matter to you: Progressive, to build high quality web apps; Performance, to increase user engagement; and What's Next, a look at how the Chrome team is thinking about the future of the web. Learn how you can tune in and see what's going on!

API Deprecations and Removals in Chrome 54

An round up of the deprecations and removals in Chrome to help you plan.

Intervening against document.write()

Chrome is blocking some scripts that are added using document.write().

Capturing an Image from the User

Most browsers can get access to the user's camera.

Recording Audio from the User

Most browsers can get access to the user's microphone.

Geolocation API Removed from Unsecured Origins in Chrome 50

Starting with version 50, Chrome no longer supports the HTML5 Geolocation API over non-secure connections.

API Deprecations and Removals in Chrome 50

An round up of the deprecations and API removals in Chrome to help you plan.

Web Notification Improvements in Chrome 50: Icons, Close Events, Renotify Preferences and Timestamps

There are lots of great new features in Chrome 50 for Notifications, here is a rundown.

API Deprecations and Removals in Chrome 49

An round up of the deprecations and API removals in Chrome to help you plan.

Notification Actions in Chrome 48

Users can interact with your site without opening up the page by using Notification Action buttons

Adding a Service Worker and Offline into your Web App

Learn how to integrate a service worker into an existing application to make the application work offline.

Understanding when and how Touch to Search is triggered

Notification requireInteraction - A Smoother Notification UX on Desktop

Notifications on desktop will be automatically dismissed after a short period of time.

Input Device Capabilities

A simpler method to rationalize your mouse and touch logic for when there is no PointerEvents

Using the web app manifest to specify a site wide theme color

Set a theme-color in the manifest and have it available to all pages on your site when launched from the home screen.

Using poster images on plugin content

Chrome can now add custom poster images to object elements to improve perceived loading performance of plugins such as Flash.

Measuring Performance in a Service Worker

If you can't measure the performance of your requests in a service worker, how can you say it improves performance? Now you can answer that question with recent changes in Chrome.

Using rotationAngle and touchRadius

A small set of changes have landed in Chrome 45 that will make it easier for developers to build better touch based apps

Autocapitalize for mobile

Another text entry frustration for users is being removed.

DOM Attributes now on the prototype chain

Chrome is becoming in line with the spec. Check your sites if you are assuming the WebKit logic for attribute propagation

image-rendering: pixelated

Pixelation of the nation. Now in Chrome 41

Fundamentals of Mobile Web Development

A quick look at some of the efforts the Chrome team are doing to helps developers get started with Web Development and iterate on their sites.

A More Compatible, Smoother Touch

You and your users want mobile web apps that react and scroll smoothly to the touch. Developing them should be easy but, unfortunately, how mobile web browsers react to touch events during scrolling is left as an implementation detail in the TouchEvent specification.

Chrome Dev Summit: Mobile Summary

Here's the first in a series of reports from Chrome Dev Summit. There was a strong emphasis on Mobile and Cross-device development, so we'll kick off with that!

User Location

Most browsers and devices have access to the user's geographic location. Learn how to work with the user's location in your site and apps.

Your First Multi-Device Site

The web is accessible on a huge range of devices, from small-screen phones to big-screen televisions. Each device presents its own benefits and constraints. As a web developer, you are expected to support a full ranges of devices.

Detect DOM changes with Mutation Observers

An introduction to Mutation Observers.

Having a ride with Three.js

insertAdjacentHTML Everywhere

Multiplayer Audio Fun

Using Cross-domain images in WebGL