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No Element Has a tabindex Attribute Greater Than 0


The tabindex attribute makes elements keyboard navigable. Positive values indicate an explicit navigation ordering of elements. Although this is valid, in practice it is extremely hard to do correctly and creates unusable experiences for users who rely on assistive technologies.

See Using tabindex for more information.


Below the audit, Lighthouse displays something like 1 element fails this test. The number varies depending on how many elements are failing. Click this label to expand the list. You can find each element in your DOM by running the $(), $$(), and $x() functions from the Chrome DevTools Console.

Set the tabindex of each of these elements to either -1, for elements that should not be keyboard navigable, or 0, for elements that should. If you need an element to appear earlier in the tab order, consider moving it earlier in the DOM.

More information

This audit is powered by the aXe Accessibility Engine. See Elements should not have tabindex greater than zero for more information.


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