Web Updates (2018)

Credential Management API Feature Detection Check-up

Credential Management API Feature Detection Check-up

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Unblocking Clipboard Access

Async Clipboard API simplifies permissions-friendly copy & paste.

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New in Chrome 65

Chrome 65 adds support for the new CSS Paint API, which allows you to programmatically generate an image. You can use the Server Timing API to provide server performance timing information via HTTP headers, and the new CSS display: contents property can make boxes disappear! Let’s dive in and see what’s new for developers in Chrome 65!

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Tags: chrome65 new-in-chrome css layout performance

Emscripting a C library to Wasm

Wasm allows you to run C code on the web.

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Tags: webassembly

What's New In DevTools (Chrome 66)

Blackboxing in the Network panel, auto-adjust zooming in Device Mode, and more.

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Lighthouse 2.8 Updates

New perf and SEO audits, perf as the first section in reports, and more.

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Deprecations and removals in Chrome 65

A round up of the deprecations and removals in Chrome 65 to help you plan. In this version, a reminder about Symantec certificates, cross-origin downloads are blocked, and document.all is now read only.

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Implications for Web Developers and Chrome’s mitigations.

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Chrome User Experience Report: New country dimension

Announcing the release of a new country dimension in the Chrome User Experience Report.

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New in Chrome 64

Chrome 64 adds support for ResizeObservers, which will notify you when an element’s content rectangle has changed its size. Modules can now access to host specific metadata with import.metadata The pop-up blocker gets strong and plenty more. Let’s dive in and see what’s new for developers in Chrome 64!

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Tags: chrome64 new-in-chrome observers ux regex media modules responsive

Using DevTools Features Without Opening DevTools

Use Puppeteer to launch Chromium with DevTools features enabled.

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Houdini’s CSS Paint API allows you to programmatically draw CSS images.

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What's New In DevTools (Chrome 65)

Local Overrides, accessibility tools, performance and SEO audits, and more.

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Lighthouse 2.7 Updates

New SEO audits and manual accessibility audits, and updates to the WebP audit.

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