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New in Chrome 85

Chrome 85 is rolling out now! You can improve rendering performance with content-visibility: auto. CSS properties can now be set… in CSS. You can now check if your Windows app or PWA is installed with the getInstalledRelatedApps() API. App icon shortcuts work on Windows too (for real this time). There's an origin trial for fetch upload streaming. And lots more. Let’s dive in and see what’s new for developers in Chrome 85!

chrome85 new-in-chrome progressive-web-apps origintrials

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Deprecations and removals in Chrome 85

A round up of the deprecations and removals in Chrome 85 to help you plan.

deprecations removals chrome85

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What's New In DevTools (Chrome 85)

Style editing for CSS-in-JS frameworks, Lighthouse 6.0, new JavaScript features, and more.

chrome85 devtools devtools-whatsnew

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