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More native echo cancellation!

A new Origin Trial is run in Chrome M68, which adds support for more native echo cancellers, as well as a constraint to control them.

chrome68 webrtc getusermedia

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macOS native echo cancellation

Since version 10.12 (Sierra), macOS includes a native echo canceller. Here's how you can try it out in Chrome!

chrome66 webrtc getusermedia

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Disabling hardware noise suppression

Chrome 64 can experimentally disable hardware noise suppression when using the WebRTC echo canceller, to improve audio quality.

chrome64 webrtc getusermedia

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New in Chrome 59

With Chrome 59, you can run Chrome in an automated environment without a user interface or peripherals; notifications on macOS are shown directly by the native macOS notification system; you can now capture full resolution photos with the image capture API, and there’s plenty more!

chrome59 new-in-chrome automation notifications media getusermedia

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Chrome 47 WebRTC: Media Recording, Secure Origins and Proxy Handling

Chrome 47 has several significant WebRTC enhancements and updates including audio and video recording, proxy handling and mandatory secure origins for getUserMedia().

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Choose Cameras, Microphones and Speakers from Your Web App

The MediaDevices interface gives access to input and output devices available to the browser including cameras, microphones and speakers.

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MediaStream Deprecations

The MediaStream API represents synchronized streams of audio or video. MediaStream.ended, MediaStream.label and MediaStream.stop() are being deprecated. Use, MediaStreamTrack.label and MediaStreamTrack.stop() instead.

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Screensharing with WebRTC

news getusermedia screenshare webrtc

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WebRTC hits Firefox, Android and iOS

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Live Web Audio Input Enabled!

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