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Tweaks to cache.addAll() and importScripts() coming in Chrome 71

Some small changes are coming to cache.addAll() and importScripts(), starting in Chrome 71.

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Fresher service workers, by default

Starting in Chrome 68, HTTP requests that check for updates to the service worker script will no longer be fulfilled by the HTTP cache by default. This works around a common developer pain point, in which setting an inadvertent Cache-Control: header on your service worker script could lead to delayed updates.

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Beyond SPAs: alternative architectures for your PWA

Building a Progressive Web App doesn't mean building a single page app! Read about alternative architectures for content-focused PWAs, and help you make the right decision for your specific use case.

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Estimating Available Storage Space gives you insight into your web app's storage constraints.

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Speed up Service Worker with Navigation Preloads

Navigation preload lets you overcome service worker startup time by making requests in parallel.

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New In Chrome 54

With Chrome 54, you can now create your own custom HTML tag with and make re-usable web components with Custom Elements v1; it’s easier to send messages between open windows or tabs on the same origin with the BroadcastChannel API; media experience get better on Android and foreign fetch is now available as an origin trial.

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Cross-origin Service Workers: Experimenting with Foreign Fetch

Third-party services can start deploying their own network request handlers.

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CacheQueryOptions Arrive in Chrome 54

The full set of CacheQueryOptions are supported, making it easier to find the cached responses you're looking for.

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Offline Google Analytics Made Easy

The sw-offline-google-analytics library gives you everything you need.

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Introducing a proof of concept design to persist sessions using the Service Worker.

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Stream Your Way to Immediate Responses

Start processing your service worker responses ASAP, thanks to ReadableStreams.

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Getting Started with Progressive Web Apps

Learn how to get started building Progressive Web Apps

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Introducing Background Sync

Background sync is a new web API that lets you defer actions until the user has stable connectivity. This is useful for ensuring that whatever the user wants to send, is actually sent.

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Instant Loading Web Apps with an Application Shell Architecture

Application shell architecture is a method of building progressive web apps today, taking advantage of a range of technologies.

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Updates to the Service Worker Cache API

Chrome 46 brought new methods to caches, as does Chrome 47, and probably 48. It never stops.

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Measuring Performance in a Service Worker

If you can't measure the performance of your requests in a service worker, how can you say it improves performance? Now you can answer that question with recent changes in Chrome.

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Push Notifications on the Open Web

Push Messaging and Notifications are Landing in Chrome 42.

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Offline-first, fast, with the sw-precache module

Add service worker-powered offline capabilities to your site with the sw-precache module.

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Chrome Dev Summit: Mobile Summary

Here's the first in a series of reports from Chrome Dev Summit. There was a strong emphasis on Mobile and Cross-device development, so we'll kick off with that!

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