Um banner azul claro com o texto "Newsletter para assinantes" em fonte azul claro e uma ilustração de um avião de papel à direita. O banner também tem o texto "Não há limites para o que você pode fazer" e o mês de distribuição.

As inscrições para Embaixador do WTM já estão abertas.

Uma mulher olhando cuidadosamente para o horizonte, simbolizando possibilidades ilimitadas na tecnologia. Abraçada pela colchete Women Techmakers, representando a inclusão e o poder da programação. Texto sobreposto: "Impulsione sua carreira. Inscreva-se agora." em Women Techmakers:

Chamando todas as mulheres da tecnologia 🗣️ Molde o futuro com a gente!

Women Techmakers Ambassadors are building a world where all women thrive in tech! Become an Ambassador and inspire others through events, content, or mentorship.

Benefits of being an Ambassador:

  • Network with hundreds of passionate women around the world. 

  • Lead your tech community by organizing events, speaking, creating content or mentoring, with support from Google.

  • Learn through Google-led talks and workshops. 

  • Shine and be recognized for your work in the community.

Ideal candidate:

  • +1 year of experience running community activities (events, workshops, etc.)

  • Background in technology & interest in Google technologies

  • Passion for achieving gender equity in tech

Ready to shape the future of tech?

Destaque para membros do IWD: impactando o futuro juntos!

Thank you for your participation! Your voices came through loud and clear! Check out the insightful quotes and articles you and other members shared.

Citações animadas de membros do programa Women Techmakers sobre o tema "Impacto no futuro". Os membros compartilham ideias e inspirações sobre como moldar um futuro melhor por meio da tecnologia.
  • Prajwala Yadlapalli (India) shares an inspiring article from BCG featuring successful female tech leaders and practical career advancement tips.

  • Nimra Waqar (Pakistan) recommends a captivating read about the remarkable Black women mathematicians who played a crucial role in NASA's achievements.

  • Pamela Adede (Kenya) shares valuable insights and lessons learned throughout her tech career, emphasizing the importance of mentorship.

  • Faye Mckeown (Scotland) curates a fantastic Discord channel dedicated to mental health in tech, offering valuable resources and reflections for the community.

  • Gbemisola Owolabi (Nigeria) offers a thoughtful reflection on overcoming challenges and the importance of learning from mistakes to achieve success.

Selo circular comemorando o Dia Internacional da Mulher 2024. O selo tem um plano de fundo azul brilhante com o texto "Impact the Future" (Impacto o futuro) exibido em destaque no centro. O logotipo da Women Techmakers fica na parte inferior do selo.

Aproveite a oportunidade com WTM!

📍 Find inspiring International Women's Day events hosted by Women Techmakers Ambassadors, Google Developer Groups (GDGs), and other community leads.

Claim your exclusive IWD badge and proudly display it.

🗣️ Use our social media toolkit to share how women are shaping the future and why it matters!

Let's keep the celebration going all month long! 🎉

Banner da série Women Techmakers. Plano de fundo em gradiente azul e verde com o logotipo do WTM na parte de cima. O texto diz: "Série de liderança: o poder da mentoria para mulheres na tecnologia". Uma imagem inserida no canto inferior esquerdo mostra Anca-Ioana Rolea, engenheira de software do Google, apresentando.

Mentoria: revelar seu potencial

Join our presentation, "The Power of Mentorship for Women in Tech" and learn to overcome imposter syndrome, build confidence, leverage mentors, and create powerful connections!

📅 April 12, 9am (CT)

O que está acontecendo no Google

Ilustração de fundo preto com figuras geométricas abstratas coloridas. O banner inclui o texto: "Acompanhe o Google I/O. 14 de maio de 2024

O Google I/O está de volta!

Join us online on May 14 to discover, innovate, and unlock new possibilities with Google's latest developer tools!

Uma prateleira com vários objetos coloridos. Uma bicicleta em miniatura em cores brilhantes se destaca com quebra-cabeças clássicos, como cubos mágicos, um dispensador divertido de chicletes e um estatueta do Google "G". Os livros completam a coleção, acrescentando um toque de conhecimento.

🎉 Chegou a temporada de bolsas de estudo no Google! 🚨

Google scholarships for computer science and engineering are now open! Explore exciting opportunities like the Generation Google Scholarship and more!

Find eligibility details, deadlines, and upcoming scholarships worldwide at Build Your Future.

Google for Startups

Uma sessão de brainstorming colaborativa. Um grupo de mulheres participa de uma discussão animada. A risada reflete uma atmosfera positiva e enérgica.

Mulheres fundadoras: resolução de conflitos

Join the Google for Startups Women Founders community on April 25, 10am (CT) to discuss strategies for identifying and addressing conflict within your organization. This session will equip you with the tools to foster a positive and productive work environment for your team.

Um grupo diverso aproveita um momento divertido em conjunto. As pessoas se envolvem de rir umas com as outras, com uma pessoa gesticulando de brincadeira.

Founder Fridays: experiência do cliente e IA

On IWD, Founder Fridays hosted a hybrid event on "Customer Experience and AI" that attracted over 550 startup teams—many led by inspiring women! The insightful and relevant sessions tackled key issues, empowering attendees to leverage AI for exceptional customer experiences.

Banner com o logotipo do Povo de IA e que apresenta Ashley Oldacre e Luiz Gustavo Martins.

AI's Inspiring Voices: ouça o podcast "People of AI"

Join renowned hosts, Ashley Oldacre and Gus Martins from the Google AI Developer Relations team, as they delve into the world of AI through captivating conversations with industry leaders and practitioners.

Discover the potential applications shaping a better future, and the inspiring use cases making a positive impact.

Uma ligação virtual entre um homem e uma mulher de desenho animado. A mulher está explicando as ferramentas do Google para o homem durante uma sessão individual para pequenas empresas.

Ferramentas do Google: sessões individuais sem custo financeiro para pequenas empresas

Get expert help taking your business online with a free consultation from Google's Small Business Advisors. Discuss anything from account setup to optimization on a Google Meet call scheduled at your convenience.

Limited Spots Available! Secure yours by completing this form ASAP.

Uma miniatura do YouTube da Conferência de desenvolvedores do Google para Jogos 2024

Palestra de abertura da Conferência de desenvolvedores do Google para Jogos 2024

Watch the keynote to see how you can increase user engagement, accelerate business growth, and maximize user reach for your game.

Conteúdo de aprendizado atualizado para melhorar suas habilidades.

Imagem que mostra um livro intitulado "Using Gemini" e o mascote do Android atrás dele. O logotipo do Gemini é exibido no canto superior direito.

Dê asas à sua criatividade com IA! Crie seu primeiro app com o Gemini Pro. 🔷

New to AI, but itching to create? Gemini's got your back! Dive into these resources and turn your ideas into reality:

  • Check out this great guide on prompting and craft powerful prompts for Gemini:

  • Hone your skills and test your concepts in the playground. Once you're ready, seamlessly transition your work into robust Kotlin code!🧪🎉

  • Craft your first AI app with this comprehensive guide in Android Studio, your one-stop shop to building your dream app powered by Gemini:

  • Clone and run this complete example with your own API key to unleash the full potential of Gemini 🔑 →

Um smartphone com a tela de acesso de login a um app

Criar testes de unidade para ViewModel

Comece a aprender

Learn to write unit tests specifically for ViewModel components in Android development.

Ilustração de uma bússola

Primeiros passos com o App Engine (Python 3)

Comece a aprender

Learn how to deploy a simple Python web app written with the Flask web framework.

Logotipo "Hello Cloud Run" em azul

Olá, Cloud Run com Python

Comece a aprender

Create a simple web application and deploy it to Cloud Run, a managed compute platform that enables you to run stateless containers that are invocable via HTTP requests.

Destaques do embaixador

Every month, we spotlight the contributions WTM Ambassadors are making to their community. Get inspired by their stories and successes.

Conheça a Embaixadora Maryam da WTM ✨

Uma versão ilustrada de Maryam usando um Abaya

Paving the way in Android development, Maryam Alhuthayfi became the first woman in the entire Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region to be named a Google Developer Expert. Her passion for technology even led her to relocate and pursue a career at a leading tech company in Saudi Arabia.

Get inspired by her story and discover the journeys of other remarkable WTM Ambassadors worldwide through our all-new Women Techmakers Story Map experience, built using Google Maps Platform.

Espaço dos Embaixadores

Dive into the Ambassadors Corner – your gateway to content, resources, and open doors to contribute, volunteer, or work with WTM Ambassadors across the globe

  • Martina Dimoska (Macedonia) made headlines in Forbes magazine. Recognized as the first female Balkan analog astronaut and the founder of the International Space Alliance, her accomplishments are inspiring a new generation.

  • Aditi Soni (US) shares her experience, guiding college students to become tech-savvy and adaptable.

  • Priyal Jain (India) offers advice on getting involved in the tech community and navigating your career path for success.

  • Oyoenisai Andrew-Essien (US) discusses the significant impact women have on society and proposes strategies for a more equitable future in this LinkedIn newsletter.

Um banner com o texto "Do código para os usuários: a perspectiva de uma mulher negra", quinta-feira, 29 de fevereiro de 2024, às 9h (Horário do Pacífico) do lado esquerdo. À direita, há uma foto de Erin, uma mulher negra sorrindo para a câmera com o título na parte inferior.

Da programação aos usuários: a perspectiva de uma mulher negra

Join us for a fireside chat during Black History Month featuring Erin Teague, Director of Product Management at Google. Discover Erin's journey from coding to global product leadership, including her key role in Racial Justice, Equity, and Product Inclusion.

Dica antes de sair...

Logotipo da IA do Google

Quer melhorar seus projetos com IA?

Look no further! Google AI empowers developers to build with cutting-edge tools, including our most powerful AI model, Gemini. Explore the world of generative AI to create innovative content and streamline your workflow. No matter your skill level or device, Google AI has a solution for you!

Your feedback matters. Please tell us what you think of our newsletters and events so we can make them even better 👇

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