Feed metadata (legacy)

message FeedMetadata {
  enum ProcessingInstruction {
    // Do not use.

    // This Feed message is one shard of a complete feed. Anything previously
    // supplied by this partner will be deleted; the contents of this feed
    // represent the entire state of the world.

    // Do not use. This value is deprecated.
    // Feed message is one shard of an incremental feed.
    // Existing entities will be left untouched except as modified in this feed.

  // Instructs us how to process the feed: either as a shard of a complete feed,
  // or as a shard of an incremental update. (required)
  ProcessingInstruction processing_instruction = 1;

  // The current shard and total number of shards for this feed.
  // Shard number is assumed to be zero-based.
  // There does not need to be any relationship to the file name.
  // Shards do not need to be transferred in order, and they may not be
  // processed in order. (both required)
  int32 shard_number = 2;
  int32 total_shards = 3;

  // An identifier that must be consistent across all shards in a feed.
  // This value must be globally unique across each feed type.
  // This value ensures that complete feeds spanning multiple shards are
  // processed together correctly.
  // Clients only need to set this value when the processing_instruction is set
  // to PROCESS_AS_COMPLETE and the feed spans multiple shards (defined by
  // total_shards).
  // Feeds that span multiple shards must set this nonce to the same value.
  // (required if total shards > 1)
  uint64 nonce = 5;

  // The timestamp at which this feed shard was generated.
  // In Unix time format (seconds since the epoch). (required)
  int64 generation_timestamp = 4;