Technical Requirements

To make the review process as fast as possible, please test your implementation thoroughly and ensure that it complies with the Terms and Conditions.

Each item listed below corresponds to a requirement that will be checked during the review process. Please verify your implementation meets each requirement before submitting your review request.

Caution: If the technical review determines that changes to your implementation are necessary, there will be at least a 48 hour delay between when we provide feedback and re-review your application.

The technical review covers the following categories:

Account Creation and Association

  • Your implementation must be able to create new and associate with existing Google AdSense accounts.

    Please read the signup guide for more information.

  • Your implementation must also be able to handle the case where a user tries to create an existing Google AdSense account.

    Your implementation should be able to recognize the error and give the user some useful direction on what to do next. For example, you might link the user to your account association page.

  • You must have a unique, valid, and public URL for review.

    The URLs that you submit for review must exist and not be your top-level URL. This URL should have content that is created or controlled by the user for which the AdSense account is created.

Change of Associated Account

  • Your implementation must let the user change the account they have associated with you.

    Typically, you can almost entirely reuse the code you use for associating accounts. The flow presented to the user may be slightly different, but the back-end process will probably be very similar to the process when the user associates an existing Google AdSense account not registered with your service.

    The AdSense Host API does not provide a method to dissociate with a publisher, although such a method may be provided in the future. A user can terminate the association through the Google AdSense web site. You can choose to keep track of all Google AdSense accounts a user has associated with you or just be aware of the most recent association.

Implementation of Ad Code

  • Your software must implement the display of ad code.

    Whenever possible and applicable, ad code display should be implemented automatically or through a wizard where the user has some simple options relating to style and placement of ads. The user should not have to copy JavaScript code and paste it into pages on your service.

  • Each unique snippet of ad code must be obtained from a call to an ad code generation method.

    This is done with the accounts.adunits.getAdCode method. You are not allowed to generate a new snippet by manipulating one that you already have. You should not call one of the generation methods each time a page is viewed on your site. You should call the generation methods to create the snippet, then store it on your servers and use this cached copy on your pages.

  • The ad code must update if the user changes their associated account.

    If your implementation uses several snippets, it may be a good idea to create an asynchronous process to retrieve the new snippets since this process could take a few moments.