Account approval process

Your users will sign up individually for their own standalone AdSense account. When a user signs up, they follow the standard AdSense approval process which has the following steps:

  • Account approval: We review the publisher's payments details (phone number, address, etc.) to make sure it's accurate.
  • Site approval: We review the publisher's site to make sure it complies with the AdSense Program policies.

This process usually takes a few days, but in some cases it can take 2-4 weeks.

Both the account and site need to be approved by AdSense before ads can start showing. If there's outstanding information needed by AdSense, this will be shown in AdSense to each publisher, and the site status can be viewed in the Sites tab.

As the platform, you won't have access to your users' accounts but you will be able to view reporting metrics associated with your domain within your AdSense account. This is to ensure that Google upholds the user’s right to data privacy.

Prerequisites to the site approval process

To ensure AdSense has everything it needs to perform a site check, please ensure that the publisher's ID is present on the page. You can do this by either:

  • placing the Auto ads code in the <head>
  • placing an ad unit in the <body>

Please review the ad tags page for more information.

Additionally, tasks required to set up the account need to be completed by the publisher before AdSense completes a site review. This includes setting up payment details, completing phone verification, etc. You can refer your users to AdSense to check if there are any outstanding tasks for them to complete. Alternatively, if you use the AdSense Management API, you can use the accounts.get method and check the pendingTasks field.

Account quality

All AdSense publishers are required to adhere to the AdSense Program policies. When your users sign up for AdSense, we'll review their content to make sure that it complies with our policies. If we detect any issues with their content we'll let them know and give them an opportunity to fix the issues.