Google Chat samples

This section provides Google Chat quickstarts, codelabs, and working samples hosted on GitHub. These samples help you build and deploy different kinds of Chat apps fast.

These are types of Google Chat samples we provide:


Quickstarts are short guides that teach you to build and deploy a basic Chat app.

Find quickstarts at the left under Quickstarts or try building a basic Chat app that responds to messages.


Codelabs are robust, hands-on, step-by-step technical tutorials. They combine explanation, working best-practice sample code, and code exercises. Codelabs are available for most Google developer products and are published on the Codelab catalogue.

Find codelabs at the left under Codelabs or try building an interactive polling Chat app that lets people in Chat spaces cast votes, then stores, tallies, and reports results.

GitHub samples

The Google Chat repo on GitHub contains working examples of different types of Chat apps, including apps that:

  • Respond synchronously or asynchronously.
  • Respond with a card-formatted response.
  • Use Google Cloud Pub/Sub to receive and respond to messages asynchronously.
  • Call other APIs.

Find GitHub samples at the left under GitHub samples or review a productivity tracking Chat app that uses multiple APIs written in Python.

Next steps

To learn how to add more functionality to your Chat app after reviewing and implementing Google Chat sample apps, refer to the resources below: