public class IndexingApplication extends Application<IndexingApplication.ApplicationHelper, IndexingConnectorContext>

Main object and access point for the SDK.

Every connector begins execution by creating an instance of this class and calling its start() method. This starts processing, triggering the SDK to begin making connector calls as configured in the configuration file.

Sample usage:

public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException, InterruptedException {
     IndexingApplication application = new IndexingApplication.Builder(
         new MyConnector(new MyRepository()), args).build();

Optional configuration parameter(s):

  • structuredData.localSchema - Specifies the local structured data schema name. It is read from the data source and used for repository structured data.
  • schedule.incrementalTraversalIntervalSecs - Specifies the interval between scheduled incremental traversals (in seconds).
  • schedule.performTraversalOnStart - Specifies whether to run the traversal immediately at start up rather than waiting for the first interval to expire.
  • schedule.pollQueueIntervalSecs - Specifies the interval between scheduled poll queue intervals (in seconds).
  • schedule.traversalIntervalSecs - Specifies the interval between scheduled traversals (in seconds).
  • connector.runOnce - Specifies whether the connector should exit after a single traversal.

Nested Class Summary

class IndexingApplication.Builder Buider for IndexingApplication instances. 

Constant Summary

String LOCAL_SCHEMA This constant is deprecated. Use LOCAL_SCHEMA

Inherited Constant Summary

Inherited Method Summary


public static final String LOCAL_SCHEMA

This constant is deprecated.

Constant Value: "structuredData.localSchema"