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2020 Solution Challenge winners

Congratulations to the top 10 winners!

Check out this Google Developers Blog post showcasing the winners and their solutions.

Thank you to all the Google Developer Student Clubs that participated and helped make this such an awesome experience. Also, a big shout out to all the Google Developers Experts (GDEs) who supported a number of teams with mentorship. We really enjoyed going through all of your creative solutions using Google technologies.

Hope you all enjoyed the virtual 2020 Solution Challenge Demo Day where we showcased the top 10 winners and their solutions!

DSC University of California - Berkeley

CoronAI is a band that one can wear around their limbs and chest. In these times, this band is worn around the chest, and the electrodes extract real-time images of the lungs, connected to a monitor. This monitor is then connected to a dashboard for access by a doctor, who is able to analyze this live scan, and even compare them, without having to be near the patient.

DSC Technical University of Munich

Have you ever listened to a presentation, where you were almost falling asleep? The team realized that many people focus on improving their presentation content, but forget about training their body language and emotional expressions. They developed a software that uses modern machine learning and video/audio analyzing tools to analyze presentations and give individual feedback and tips as a “virtual coach”.

DSC National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences

WorthyWalk is an app that provides its users a platform to achieve health goals by walking, running, or cycling. For rewards, WorthyWalk provides them Knubs (inbuilt currency coins) to be redeemed as discounts from local businesses, shops and startups. This ultimately benefits both users and the local businesses.

DSC Soonchunhyang University

In Korea, there is a negative view of the family and acquaintances of the suicide. Most people live in hiding that they are bereaved. In ‘SIMHAE’ people can share their stories and sympathize with each other. It will introduce basic information and activities to self-help gatherings run by suicide prevention centers. They believe that this experience is an important point that can lead to solidarity of suicide survivors.

DSC University of Education, Winneba - College of Technology Kumasi

Emergency Response Assistance is an application to help health authorities post the latest first aid steps to educate the public and also help the victims report emergency cases with a click of a button. The Emergency Response team will also be able to track the exact location of the victims on the map.

DSC Politeknik Elektronika Negeri Surabaya

Tulibot is an integrated assistive technology made to bridge communication between deaf people and society. The two main devices are the Smart Glasses and Smart Gloves. Smart Glasses will help with communication for deaf people by showing real time answers directly on the glasses from its interlocutors. Smart Gloves is a smart device that can automatically transcribe gesture input into audio output by implementing gesture to text technology.

DSC The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Picare is a healthcare matching platform to help elderly people in Hong Kong. These people will easily be able to book a caregiver directly through the app for their needs. Their rating and feedback system allows caregivers to perform quality services to the elderly and eventually receive payment directly through the app.

DSC Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology

Shareapy is an application that helps bring people together who share similar problems regardless of their age, gender, religion, financial status, etc. In addition, it is a one-way interactive community where people can release emotions and stress either privately or publicly without the fear of shame or discrimination.

DSC Midlands State University

Capstone aims to combat plagiarism among students, authors and researchers. It aims to develop more effective algorithms that will incorporate the latest technologies in Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining in order to prevent academics from cheating available plagiarism detection systems.

DSC Dr. B.R. Ambedkar National Institute of Technology

This android app is a one stop shop for their university. Some of the best features include campus upcoming events, student profiles, used book marketplace, hostel management, online food ordering, and many more to meet the needs of students to ease out their college life.

Honorable Mentions

I & Others, Turkey

DSC Duzce University

iGovern, Kenya

DSC Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology (MMUST)

COMEL (Casing SOS Smartphone Millenial), Indonesia

DSC Universitas Hasanuddin

HerApp, Malaysia

DSC Universiti Teknologi Petronas

Anonymous Hiring Platform, Canada

DSC University of Toronto Mississauga

VeggieBuddie, United States

DSC University Of California Davis

Project Crystal, United States

DSC Stevens Institute of Technology

Voyager, Egypt

DSC Helwan University

Drug Oversight and Control (DrugOC), Algeria

DSC National School of Biotechnology

ChecXray, India

DSC Modern Education Society's College of Engineering

2019 Solution Challenge Winner

Immunization Calculator from Muni University in Uganda is a mobile app that helps local health workers in the immunization sector improve the efficiency in their operation. Samuel and his team met the local health workers in Uganda and learned that it takes a lot of effort and time for them to calculate an optimal vaccine injection schedule for each patient because there are a variety of vaccines and each of them has different policies.

After a number of consultations with the health workers, Samuel and his team developed Immunization Calculator and provided them an automated solution not only to plan a vaccine injection schedule easily, but also to track record and calculate the dropout rate, which helps the health workers analyze the data for the future improvement.

The team used native script, Android platform, and the cloud-based database Firebase to build the Immunization Calculator. The cloud-messaging service Firebase Cloud Messaging has been used to notify the due dates of vaccines to health workers.

Immunization Calculator team members:

Samuel Mugisha, Joshwa Benkya, and Samuel Itwaru 
Read Google Developers Blog post here.