How to join the Google Developers Experts program

You can join us by being referred to the program by a Google employee or partners authorized by the Google Developers team and have to fulfill the qualifying criteria listed below. If you are interested in joining us, make sure you reach out to your local Google contact and/or active Expert during events or gatherings to discuss your eligibility.

All Experts undergo a multi-stage evaluation process that includes submitting an application, an interview with an external Expert from the relevant area, followed by an interview with a Google specialist. Throughout the process we aim to assess familiarity with Google technologies and the ability to articulate it.

Value for Experts

  • Acknowledgement by Google

    Every verified Expert will receive an invitation to create a profile on the Experts Directory.

  • Invitation to a yearly Experts summit

    Once a year we bring most active Experts from around the world to one location, with Google footing the bill.

  • Access to Google teams

    The Experts program opens a channel to subject matter experts at Google for the relevant field, e.g. Google product teams for Google Developers Experts, with regular exchange opportunities.

  • Invitations to exclusive projects with Google

    These include speaking or mentoring at Google Developers events, e.g. Launchpads, invitations to collaborate on content creation and much more.

  • Access to a global network of professionals

    Invitations to closed communities and mailing list with the network of vetted Experts around the world.

  • Invitations to events

    Priority invitations to Google-led events in your area of expertise, such as Google I/O for Google Developers Experts, etc.

Criteria to become and stay in the GDE program

  • Expert in the subject area

  • Continued activity in the startup and/or developer ecosystem

    • Influential and recognized speakers at developer conferences, content creators
    • OR
    • Mentors to tech startups and companies
  • Ability to articulate clearly and provide meaningful advice to others