Dmytro Danylyk

Dmytro Danylyk

Android, Kotlin

Sydney, Australia


  • Android
  • Kotlin


Dmytro is a conservative geek. After finishing school he has focused on it-technologies. No one seen him from this time. It can freely be said that he’s in it always, except when he’s asleep of course, but maybe even then, who knows?!

Dmytro enjoy learning and creating something new. He wants everything look great. He’s a perfectionist with sense for details. He ensures the quality and high professionalism in everything he does. One word – programmer.

He loves freedom and flexibility about open source projects and they blend well with his personality, author of open source libraries for Android with 3000+ stars.

He also likes to answer questions on Stack Overflow, earns reputation, unlock badges for special achievements, improve posts by editing or commenting.

When Dmytro has free time he is writing technical articles. Always trying to share his knowledge & experience on different events as a speaker.