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Android APIs

The Google Fit APIs for Android are part of Google Play services and are supported in Android 2.3 (API level 9) and higher. Google Fit on Android consists of these APIs:

  • The Sensors API provides access to raw sensor data streams from sensors available on the Android device and from sensors available in companion devices, such as wearables.

  • The Recording API provides automated storage of health and wellness data using subscriptions. Google Fit stores health and wellness data of the specified types in the background and persists app subscriptions.

Google Fit diagram
Figure 1: Google Fit on Android.
  • The History API provides access to the historical health and wellness data and lets apps perform bulk operations, like inserting, deleting, and reading this data. Apps can also import batch data into Google Fit.

  • The Sessions API provides functionality to store health and wellness data with session metadata. Sessions represent a time interval during which users perform a fitness activity.

  • The Goals API provides a way to track the goals the user has set for their health and fitness progress.

  • Find available Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices and store sensor data from them in the fitness store. Learn more here.

  • The Config API provides custom data types and additional settings for Google Fit. For more information, see Custom Data Types and Disconnect from Google Fit.

Google Fit includes support for sensors on the mobile device and Bluetooth Low Energy sensors paired with the device. Google Fit lets developers implement support for other sensors and expose them as software sensors in Android apps. Sensors supported by Google Fit are available to Android apps as data source objects.