Monitor new features with Firebase Performance Monitoring

Learn how to use Performance Monitoring to investigate performance issues and monitor new feature rollouts, roll out a configuration change, and safely launch a new feature using Firebase Remote Config.


Introducing Performance Monitoring

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Learn how integrating the Performance Monitoring SDK into your app can help you monitor and correct performance issues.

How to monitor your latest release with Firebase Crashlytics and Performance Monitoring

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Learn how to use Crashlytics and Performance Monitoring to avoid crashes and low response times after releasing new, or updating existing, features in your app.

Performance Monitoring launches deeper performance insights

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Learn how the Firebase team redesigned Performance Monitoring to provide more context and data surrounding performance issues to help you debug faster.

Tracking performance in Kotlin suspending functions with Performance Monitoring

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Learn to write or rewrite your app’s suspending functions so they work with Performance Monitoring.

Performance monitoring of feature rollouts


Learn how you can monitor your app’s performance during a feature rollout by integrating the Performance Monitoring SDK into a sample app, adding a custom trace, rolling out a new feature using Remote Config, and identify issues using the Performance Monitoring dashboard.