Attribution Policies

These policies are intended to help Google partners use the "Built with Google Maps" attribution in a way that aligns with Google brand standards.

Google Maps requirements


All products using the Google Maps Platform gaming services are required to conspicuously display the "Built with Google Maps" attribution byline in the product. This section shows you how to add the required attributions to your application.

Download the byline vector image files

If Google provides attribution strings, then you must make the attribution strings clearly visible to End Users.


The byline should appear on a splash screen alongside or separately from attributions to other third-parties, including IP holders and/or game engines, but before a screen containing the game application title. The byline should never appear on the screen with the game application title.


The byline should always be clear, legible, and appear in the right color variation for a given background. Always be sure to provide enough contrast for the logo variation that you select.

You can place the one-color logo on a white or light background that uses a range of 0%–40% maximum tint of black.
You can place the reverse logo on a black background that uses a range of 40%–100% black tint. You can also place it on photography or non-busy patterns.


The byline should be smaller in presence and visual weight than the game developer logo. When other supporting brands simultaneously appear with the Google Maps byline, the visual weight and presence of the byline should be equal to that of the supporting brand features.

Clear space

Maintain clear space around the byline. The amount of clear space around the logo should be equal to or greater than the height of the “G” in Google.

Byline clear space

Do's & Don'ts

To align with Google brand standards, be sure to follow these do's and don'ts.


Place the attribution byline on the screen with IP holders and/or game engines. The byline should have clear distance from other logos, should be smaller than the game developer logo, and should be equal to other supporting third-party logos.


Don’t place the attribution byline on the same screen as the game application title or content.


Don’t use the full-color logo.


Don’t edit or alter the approved byline text in any way — including adding another third party to the byline.


Don’t edit or alter the approved byline text in any way — including adding words or using it in a sentence.

Data Providers

In the Maps SDK for Unity, you must give attribution to the providers of map data used by your game when running on devices with a display size 7" or larger. Click here for more information.

Open Source requirements

You must display an open source license attribution message somewhere in your app. We've included this message in the NOTICE text file that ships with the Maps SDK for Unity.