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Privacy Best Practices

As a game developer, you're responsible for protecting your player's personal information, and you can do it by following these best practices.

Collecting personal information

When you collect personal information from your players, be transparent about it.

  • Tell them what personal information you want.

  • Tell them why you want it.

  • Get their consent.

Storing personal information

Be transparent about storing your player's personal information.

  • Make their personal information visible to them.

  • Allow them to update it.

Sharing personal information with third-parties

If you intend to share your player's personal information with third-parties, be transparent about it.

  • Tell them that you intend to share their personal information with third-parties, and get their consent.

  • Don't share their personal information with third-parties unless you get their consent.

Deleting personal information

Be diligent about deleting your player's personal information.

  • Allow them to delete their personal information.

  • When they delete their account, be sure to delete their personal information as well.

  • Consider implementing a temporary soft deletion to support players who change their mind.