Fleet Performance overview

The Fleet Performance capability lets you display a driver’s real-time position, ETA, route, planned stops, and completed tasks for Fleet Tracking. It also provides extensive log-based metrics that you can use to improve fleet performance.

You can create other seamless geo-enabled, location-aware internal tools based on location from the Driver SDK.

The Fleet Performance capability includes a JavaScript Fleet Tracking library for web and mobile solutions that provides:

  • Real-time location updates rendered on the map.
  • Automatically adjusted ETAs to changing circumstances (such as sudden traffic).
  • Completed tasks and pending stops to provide insight into possible issues.
  • Accurate full-day routes and ETAs that improve delivery predictability, and also improve the ability to identify potential issues. This feature is generally available for up to 20 stops, and it's available in Preview for up to 300 stops.

The Fleet Performance capability provides Cloud Logging analytics to help you improve fleet performance. You can take advantage of such analytics tools as the Cloud Log Viewer, Alerts, and BigQuery.

For more information on Google Maps Platform Last Mile Fleet Solution see the Last Mile Fleet Solution Overview.