Premium Plan Reporting

Important: The Google Maps Platform Premium Plan is no longer available for sign up or new customers.

Reporting tools

This page is only for customers with the new version of the Google Maps Platform Premium Plan, which became available in January 2016.

With the Google Maps Platform Premium Plan, you have access to several reporting tools that provide different types of usage data.

Google Cloud Console usage reports

  • You can see up to 30 days worth of usage reports under the Google Maps Platform Metrics page in the Cloud Console.

    The usage can be broken down by Credential:

    • For API keys, the name of the key is shown.

    • For a client ID, a label of the following format will be used: project_number:<YOUR_PROJECT_NUMBER>

  • If you need more than 30 days worth of usage reports for these APIs, you can use billing reports in the Google Cloud Console as long as you have either billing enabled on your projects, or have transitioned from the Premium Plan to the Maps Platform license. Used channel parameters are propagated to the billing reports, as in the old Google Cloud Support Portal usage reports.

    If you are unable to set up billing reports, contact support to request a corresponding usage report.