Collaborate using a Meet Add-on

Participants in a meeting can work collaboratively on a Google Meet Add-on activity. When a collaborative activity starts, all participants in the meeting receive a notification that the activity is ongoing.

This notification is adapted to the availability and installation status of the add-on:

  • If the participant has the add-on installed: They can join the activity.

  • If the participant doesn't have the add-on installed: They're directed to install the add-on.

  • If the add-on isn't available for the participant's platform: They're informed that they can't join the activity using their current device.

An activity can be initiated by clicking "Start activity".

Step 1: The add-on sets the collaboration starting state

The add-on needs to set the CollaborationStartingState using the Meet Add-ons SDK before an add-on collaborative activity can be started. The other meeting participants use the CollaborationStartingState when they join the add-on activity.

For details on how to set the CollaborationStartingState, see Use the collaboration starting state.

Step 2: The user starts the activity

The activity begins when the add-on user clicks Start activity.

Starting an activity so others can

Recommendations for a seamless user experience

We strongly encourage setting the CollaborationStartingState based on user actions taken in the side panel. When Start activity is clicked, Meet performs the following actions:

  • For other participants: Meet shows a notification that the activity is ongoing.

  • For the collaboration initiator: If a main stage URL was specified in the CollaborationStartingState, Meet opens the main stage using the URL from the CollaborationStartingState.