Protected Audience API: experiment and participate

Quick guide to implement and test the API. Set up privacy-preserving ad auctions to serve remarketing and custom audience use cases.

Learn the essentials

Try the API

  1. Learn how to use the Protected Audience API.
  2. Try the demo.
  3. Experiment with the API.
  4. Review the Protected Audience status for updates on the implementation of the Protected Audience API. Review the pending Protected Audience capabilities for more details.

The Protected Audience API explainer provides more detail about feature support and constraints.

Get support

Is anything blocking you from experimenting with the API? Ask a question about your implementation, the demo, or the documentation:

For bugs and issues with the implementation of the Protected Audience API in Chrome:

Join the discussion

Everyone is welcome to join in discussion of the Protected Audience API. In particular, if you're experimenting with the API, your feedback is essential.

Discuss the API

Like other Privacy Sandbox APIs, this API is documented and discussed publicly.

Discuss industry use cases in the Improving Web Advertising Business Group.

Give feedback

Privacy Sandbox feedback explains how to provide other types of feedback, and how to engage in discussion of Privacy Sandbox APIs.

Get updates

  • To be notified of status changes in the API, join the mailing list for developers.
  • To closely follow all ongoing discussions on the API, click the Watch button on the API page on GitHub. This requires you have or create a GitHub account.
  • To get overall updates on the Privacy Sandbox, subscribe to the RSS feed [Progress in the Privacy Sandbox].