Version v2 of the Content API is scheduled for sunset on September 30th, 2021. Onboarding to v2 ended on April 30, 2021. To avoid disruptions with your integration, please migrate to v2.1 as soon as possible.

For more information, see Migrating to v2.1 and this blog post.

Product ID

There are two different kinds of product IDs used in the Shopping Content APIs.

The first kind of ID is assigned to a product by a merchant called the offerId. This ID consists of a string that represents a particular offer. An offerId is unique to the set of offers in the Shopping Merchant Center database, and is usually a numeric sequential number. It may also represent an internal SKU number that a merchant assigns to the product.

The second kind of ID is assigned to a product by Google; it is called a REST ID. The REST ID uniquely identifies a product, and it is an aggregate in the format online:en:US:1111111111, and includes the offerId as the last component. This is almost always used as the productId in API calls. The REST ID consists of 4 parts, separated by colons:

  1. Channel ("online" or "local")
  2. Content Language (using the 2-letter designation, for example "en" or "fr")
  3. Target Country (using the 2-letter designation, for example "US" or "FR")
  4. Offer ID

This is represented as channel:contentLanguage:targetCountry:offerId, for example, online:en:US:1111111111 as shown in the table below:

Attribute Description Example Notes
id Generic use of an ID. online:en:US:6 Used inside JSON body of Product to refer to productId.
offerId Another name for item ID. 6 String data type, unique identifier for a product's offer.
REST ID A composite string consisting of the channel, language, country and offer ID. online:en:US:6 Composite ID used with productId.
productId A REST ID string. online:en:US:6 This is a REST ID.