The Spectrum Access System (SAS) Portal API exposes administrative actions to help manage CBRS resources, such as devices and user IDs, that are controlled by Google's SAS.

The SAS Portal API allows you to do the following:

  • Assist with multi-step registration of CBSDs that need CPI installation.
  • Manage CBSDs at scale.

All usage of the API is subject to authorization rules based on user roles.

The CBSDs communicate with SAS via the SAS-CBSD API. The SAS Portal API allows SAS customers to manage resources and users at a higher level.

Key definitions

The following definitions are used throughout this documentation:

  • Citizens Broadband Radio Service Device (CBSD): A physical device that can transmit in the CBRS band after it receives authorization from a SAS. Examples include a cell phone base station or an eNodeB.
  • Spectrum Access System (SAS): A cloud service that controls the operating parameters of CBSDs to ensure the protection of higher-priority users.
  • Certified Professional Installer (CPI): The person who validates the installation parameters of certain types of CBSDs and provides them to a SAS. The SAS validates this person's CPI identity and certification before they're allowed to provide CBSD installation parameters.
  • Customer account (Customer): The resource under which all other resources are created for a SAS customer. A SAS customer is a company that has a direct commercial contract with Google for SAS services.
  • User ID: The unique identifier for the owner/operator of a CBSD.
  • FCC ID: The FCC identifier associated with a CBSD, which indicates that it has been certified by the FCC.
  • Serial number: A unique identifier assigned to a particular CBSD by the manufacturer.

Get started

To begin your integration with the SAS Portal API, use the following resources: